Basic Cartridges For Different Types Of Printers And User Needs

There are a variety of printers available commercially for a wide range of uses. The most common type of printer used for printing is the inkjet printer. Inkjet printers are used for printing documents and pictures on a plain paper. Inkjet printer mechanism utilizes the ink stored in the cartridge and sprays a predefined quantity of the ink onto the paper to produce the defined color. A general cartridge used in inkjet printers consists of ink of three different colors, namely; yellow, red and blue. A black and white version of ink cartridge is also available which allows the user to print the content in black color. These cartridges used in printers are known as printer cartridges. Depending on the size of the printer and the printing capacity, these are available in different volumes to facilitate printing of material.

Printer cartridges can be bought online or through any retail shops to help your printing needs. Depending on your necessity, you can choose from a wide range of available packages of cartridges and brands. You can opt for black and white printer cartridges in case you only need to print official documents. In case you need to print pictures and charts, you can opt for the color cartridges. Both of these cartridges have their own advantages. When you opt for a laser printer there is a good chance that you might not need to choose between the two types of cartridges as multipurpose cartridges are available for usage in laser jet printers.


Laser printers can be used to print high quality content on paper or any other printing material. The mechanism of laser printing is quite simple which requires the usage of toner cartridges or laser toners. The laser heats the pre-charged toner fluid to create a permanent image on the paper. The toner cartridges consist of a fine mixture of plastic particles and colouring agents which create the image on the paper. The toner cartridges are the replaceable part of a laser printer. Laser printer cartridges last longer than the inkjet printer cartridges. Depending on the users printing requirements, they have to carefully select the suitable printer for themselves.

The printer technology has progressed leaps and bounds over the past few decades and has helped in evolving it into a reliable and lasting technology. Printer cartridges have also become more efficient over time as changes in the fabrication and design process have made them into aneconomical and long lasting piece of technology.

Canon ink cartridges are available for purchase and can be used with any compatible printer. Before purchasing them be sure to check the compatibility with your printer. Many variations of cartridges are offered for both laser jet and inkjet printers in both color and black and white categories. Canon ink cartridges are compatible with printers of other brands as well. These cartridges are economically priced and last longer. Laser printer cartridges from canon are also available. The technology used by Canon in printer cartridges is quite advance when compared to its competitors and is reasonably priced.