The era of technology

A new era has dawned where technology is rapidly taking prominence in our lives. We depend on these technological advancements to get us through the day. Internet has become one of the forces that binds us together in this world.We depend on it to call our oved ones at the other end of the world. We depend on it to keep in touch with our friends through social media. We depend on it to get all our banking and other commercial transactions done. We depend on it for our security and to get us to here we have to go (ex: google maps). Everything has become connected through the internet.

Since this has become a vitally significant aspect in our lives many information technology related industries and institutions have sprung up to compliment it and to fulfill the proper functioning of it.

There are companies whose sole purpose of establishment is to provide it support gold coast to small and large business who outsource their system maintenance, monitoring and security to other companies.


Network security has become a must where organizations have to protect their confidential data that are linked through the internet from going in to the hands of another. In this era of e-commerce a lot of cybercrimes takes place from acts of fraudulent money transfers to acts of cyber terrorism. E-commerce has led to a place where people who does money laundering (covering up their illegitimate money’s sources) has resorted to various transactions through the internet to cover up their trail. The internet has now sadly become a place where anything is possible (both legal and illegal) and is slowly evolving in to an uncontrollable mass of transactions and information exchanges. It has become an ideal HQ for illegal

We must be really careful when we handle the internet. If we are not cautious a lot of damage could be done to ourselves and others. For an example online transactions can lead to financial crimes and theft. People on social media abuses and manipulates users (especially children) and injures their privacy. Hackers hack in to your network systems and steal confidential data. And the list goes on.

With its perks, usefulness and privileges internet brings with it certain dimensions that has to be taken up with caution. A small mistake or negligence in your part (forget to sign out from your email account for an example) can lead to disastrous consequences. It is up to you to make sure that you handle it with due diligence and care.